Dexter had always known.

He had always known what lay beneath the surface of his skin.

There was, of course, Dexter. Husband. Father. Hard worker. Dedicated. Blood splatter analyst by trade.

But there was room for one more. Cold blooded killer.

The marvelous, masculine Dexter.

The meticulous, murderous Dexter.  

Cunning and painstakingly thorough, no one would ever get past his murderous alter-ego.

No matter how hard they tried.

He was a killer. He would exact vengeance on the people who deserved it. He would punish those who had escaped the law.

He let no being slip between the lines of what is right, and what is let go.

Killing only killers, his alter-ego follows a code of ethics:

  • He can only kill people after finding absolute evidence that they are guilty.
  • Secondly, and most importantly, he must not get caught.

His alter-ego has a system more scrupulous than the judiciary system that let them walk free.

The ritualistic manner of each kill had a plan. A plan so bulletproof he could never get caught.

He covers every track.

He thinks of every risk. He foresees what could go wrong. And prepares for it.

He is where he says he will be, when he says he will be there. He is punc​tual.

Calculates the risk.

Plans. Plans. Plans.

He has complete control of every step of the way.

And his planning stops anyone escaping the law.

Because no one should be allowed to walk free when they’ve done wrong.

And everyone should use a Dexter when they’ve been done wrong by.

No not the cold blood killing Dexter.

The Dexter who uses a plan so scrupulous everyone pays for what they’ve done.

A Dexter who holds them accountable for the pain they’ve cause.

A lawyer.

A lawyer who uses the most methodical plan. Runs a leak-proof ship.

A lawyer who has complete control over the outcome.

If you want complete control over the outcome, keep reading below.