Rowan was finally building his dream home.

The dream home he had imagined for years.

Years of sketching on books. Tissues. Newspapers. Whatever was in reach at the time.

“A patio at the back to smell the country air.

He would think.

“Rooms for little feet to run around in.”

“A kitchen to be filled with laughter.”

Rowan was dreaming of the perfect home.

After years of dreaming, he was finally ready to build.

But he soon discovered the saving wasn’t the hard part. Neither was the planning.

It was finding the right builder.

Finding a builder who was quick, yet safe. Cheap, yet experienced. Efficient, yet thorough.

He wanted a builder like the third little pig.

I’m sure we’ve all heard the story.

The one where the wolf huffs and he puffs and he blows the house down.

Well, he blows the first two houses down. The third little pig’s house stays standing.

The first piggy's house stood no chance.

The third house stayed standing because the pig was smart.

See, the first pig built his house with straw.

...It was the easiest thing to do. Who could blame him?

Wouldn’t you want to pick up the nearest thing and use that to build your house?

"What a great idea!"

Well, so the pig thought. Until he was eaten by the wolf.

The second pig was slightly smarter than his brother.

He picked sticks to build his house from.

Slightly heavier. Took slightly longer.

And whilst the house was slightly stronger, it was still not match to the big bad wolf.

The second piggy's house didn't stand a chance either.

Then came the third house.

The wolf huffed and puffed but he could not blow down that house.

It was built with brick.

Each brick coated in cement. Placed with the piggy’s very own trotters. Arranged strategically to be strong.

Knowing the wolf wouldn’t give up, he also built a chimney. And at the bottom of that chimney, he put a boiling pot of water.

With the lid off.

Sure enough, the piggy was right.

The wolf huffed and puffed and failed to blow the house down.

Not giving up, he scampered down the chimney and landed in the pot.

And that was the end of the wolf.  

The pigs were thankful piggy number 3 had been so smart!

The pig had built a mansion with bricks and a hint of strategy.

Project management strategy, to be precise.

The third little piggy had a plan. He had a deadline. He had a strategy. He knew what would come next.

He built his house accordingly.

And he ended up with a brick mansion.

Rowan wanted nothing less than that.

He wanted a builder who knew what he was doing.

He wanted a builder who knew what was going to happen. Before it even happened.

He wanted a builder who would stick to a deadline.

He wanted a project managed builder.

He knew if he settled for anything less, he was asking for trouble.

He would be accepting a half-done job. High Prices. Wasted resources. Exhausted deadlines. The lot.   

This was the house he had always dreamed of.

And he wasn’t prepared to throw that away.

Not with the wrong builder.

So when it came to hiring a compensation lawyer, his story was no different. 

He had dreamed of a successful, safe future. He wasn't going to risk losing control of that by using a lawyer who builds his house of straw or sticks.

No, he wanted a lawyer who would build him a mansion from bricks. And he settled for nothing less.

Because that's what he deserved. Control over the quality of his house. Control over the quality of his claim.

If you too want control over your claim, keep reading below.