Naomi was sick of her phone. 

Like really sick of it. It broke after two years. What crock!

She wanted to upgrade to the next model. But they insisted that her phone was too ‘damaged’.

It had only been dropped in a toilet three times. Run over. Thrown down the stairs. Spent a night or two in eskies.

She was angry she couldn’t return the phone in its condition. She would have to pay upfront for her new plan. But when they mentioned stress-free protection for any damages, her ears perked up.

“If you pay just $15 a month over 24 months, you could throw your phone off a cliff for all we care! Just pay $99 and we’ll give you a new one! No hassles! No questions asked!”

"And for an extra $5 per month, you'll be covered for bumping into things while staring at your phone!"

Naomi was amazed.

She signed up immediately. Who wouldn’t!

She waltzed out feeling confident. Stress-free. She was insured.

She knew she would have control over her finances even when she lost control of her phone!

The following two years were an adventurous two years for the phone. It included a couple of swims in the Pacific, another trip to the toilet, and a smashed screen or two.

But it was not a worry! Naomi had control of her finances. Naomi had insurance.

She made a claim each time and paid the small fee to have it repaired. And it was much cheaper than buying a brand new phone!

Naomi was smart and accessed the money she had paid to the insurer.

Just like Braxton was smart.

He went on a ski trip with friends. Aspen, Colorado. The big smoke. Perisher had nothing on it.

Unfortunately Braxton hadn’t even been to Perisher before. In fact, he hadn’t been to any snowy mountains. He had never been skiing.

But Braxton was determined to match his mates’ skill and speed. When they all decided to take on a jump, Braxton didn’t second guess it. He was doing it.

And he did it.

The jump bit at least. The landing he didn’t. Well, not correctly.

He landed on his hip. His arm stretched out to protect him. His humorous was instantly shattered.

His spine fractured. His head, home to an unshakable ache.

The skiddoo came along and clean him up. He was rushed to the hospital. And in America, that’s expensive.

Braxton immediately contacted his travel insurance.

And was thankful he did.

He was spending overnights in hospital and the bills were piling up quickly. He had to leave his friends and he ended up having surgery over there.

Since he was under 21, his insurer flew his mum all the way from Sydney to Denver.

His mum’s accommodation was all taken care of.

And it didn’t stop there. With his fractured spine he required a reclining seat to fly home on.

His insurer flew him AND his mum home in business class.

And this was after he missed his original flight home. They covered all the costs.

"I need travel insurance... starting 1 minute ago..."

One would think he had the highest level of insurance.

But he didn’t.

Braxton just had the free insurance that came with his credit card. A credit card that he paid premiums on to have that cover.

So when he broke his arm and fractured his spine, there was no doubt about it. He was either going to be $250,000 out of pocket. OR he could access the money he had been promised if in need for an emergency.

Of course he picked the latter.

He might not have had control of his skis. He might not have had control of the crash. But he had control of his next step.

Just like Chantelle had control too.

When her house went under in floods.

She lost everything, but she gained it all back. She accessed the money she had been paying premiums on for years.

Because that’s what insurance is there for.

"This is a fine time to remember you forgot to pay our home and contents insurance!"

To ensure you can cover unexpected costs, loss, or damage when they occur. To ensure you can control the uncontrollable.

Like the uncontrollable damage of storms in Queensland.

Particularly the supercell that swept over Brisbane in late 2014. It threw down golf-ball-sized hail, destroying houses and cars in its path.

Thousands of Queenslander’s made an insurance claim.

64,000 Queenslander’s to be precise.

The estimated insurance loss was $1 billion from payouts. Nearly every car claimed against was written off by insurers.

And people were celebrating.

Most of them had an agreed value on their cars, not market value arrangement. Meaning most were making money off their insurance payouts.

We take out insurance for certainty. Certainty that we can control the unexpected.

When our phones unexpectedly break, we are certain we can pay for repairs.

And when our arms unexpectedly break on a ski trip, we are certain we can pay for care.

And when our houses unexpectedly go under, we are certain we can pay for reconstruction.

And when our cars unexpectedly get damaged, we are certain we can pay for a new one.

So when we pay our CTP insurance, we are paying for certainty.

Certainty that if something unexpected happens to us on the road, we can pay for damages.

Certainty that we can control the outcome, even if we lost control in the crash.

If you want to regain your control, keep reading below.