Karen always questioned what she deserved.

She was like most Aussies, you could say.

“Do I deserve to treat myself?”

“Do I deserve a day off work?”

“Do I deserve to be happy?”

“Do I deserve a pay rise?”

And when it came to making an insurance claim, she wondered the same thing.

Do I deserve to make a claim for compensation?

See, Karen was convinced her whole life she had to deserve what she wanted. What she needed.

And it was no different when Karen was side-swiped by another car, with her teenage son in the passenger seat. Tom.

Tom found himself uninjured, but Karen hadn't been so lucky. It was the driver side that was hit. And hit hard.

Emergency services arrived. Sirens wailed and lights blared. She was cut out of the car and whisked away to hospital.

In that split second, her life was changed.

Karen was bed-ridden. She had no control over her life, her family, or her career.

Her two sons quickly became her full-time carers.

Tom had to leave school. Liam, her other son, had to quit his job.

Karen had a home-business she had worked on for the last 13 years.

She had built it from the ground up. 13 years of controlling her own life now gone.

She was a true blue, hardworking Aussie.

Karen never thought it would happen to her. 

And someone had to keep the business going.

But it struggled. Tom and Liam couldn’t sell “Mums and Bubs Essential Oils” quite like Karen could.

The business went under, and they lost everything.

Even after years of hard work, even after losing everything, she still wondered:

Is it un-Australian to take what I deserve?

Even Stephen Bradbury wondered.

The day Stephen Bradbury won gold at the 2002 Winter Olympics.

The day he competed in the 1000m speed skating final.

The day he won.

Steven Bradbury and his iconic spiked hair had trailed far behind.

It was seemingly clear the Australian wasn’t going to make the podium.

Every glide he dropped further. Every corner he took wider. The finishing line disappearing into the abyss.

As his three competitors rounded the last corner, they had the end in sight.

Bradbury was still in pursuit.

He rounded the final corner, his competitors just 3m shy of the line.

When suddenly, the unthinkable happened.

His competitors crumbled in the valleys of ice. They had all bulldozed each other into the barricades. Their blades all flailed in the air.

They lost complete control and left a clear path for Bradbury to take the win.

In that split second, Bradbury raced into the pages of Olympic history.

Bradbury crossed the line in pole position.

He threw his arms into the air. Complete surprise and amazement washed over his face.

The world was equally surprised.

The world questioned "did Bradbury deserve that win?’

Australia’s first Winter Olympic gold medallist. The pinnacle of his career.

Even Bradbury questioned this himself. He questioned whether to take the podium. He questioned whether he won fairly.

He questioned ‘did I deserve this?’

Doubt flooded his mind.

But he only had a few minutes to think about it.

And during those minutes, he opened his eyes to the twelve years of dedication he had put into speed skating.

He thought back to 1994. A rival’s skate had impaled his leg, slicing it open.

He thought back to 18 months earlier. He had nearly lost his life in a skating crash. His neck, broken from smashing into the barrier.

He thought over the three previous Winter Olympics he had fought in.

He thought ‘yeah, I’m going to get on that podium.’

He took control of his life, and he took that medal.

Success is where opportunity meets hard work.

He realised no matter how he won, he deserved it.

He had worked years and years tirelessly to make this happen.

He accepted what he deserved no matter what the world said. In true Australian style.

He let his worth be determined by none other than himself.

And now he is the unsung hero for hard working Aussies. Showing you have the power to control your life. Your outcome. Your future.

Like Karen who’s been working for the past 28 years. Supporting two children on her own. Building a future for herself.

Not just sportsmen and women. Not just Karen.


Everyone has a bit of Bradbury in them.

And everyone deserves their Bradbury Moment.

Everyone deserves control of their future.

If you want to take control of your future, and skate through the finish line with arms in the air, keep reading below.