Do I Have A Claim?

By Mitch Herlihy.

If you have suffered an injury (whether a physical or psychological injury) through the fault of another party (even if that party is only partly at fault) then you will be entitled to make a claim against the CTP insurer of the vehicle at fault. The same entitlement arises even if the accident involves an unidentified vehicle or a “hit and run” driver.

Even if the accident is a single vehicle accident that the collision has caused through some fault of another party (eg a poorly maintained road, a defect in your vehicle or some other factor) you may also have a claim for injury compensation.

It is important that you seek legal advice from a solicitor to make sure you can make an informed decision about whether or not you have a claim worthwhile pursuing.

If you have more specific questions relating to your situation, fill in the form below.  A lawyer will call you back within one business day to clarify your concerns.

Motor Vehicle Injury Claims