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Work Of Fiction?
Court of Appeal dismisses insurer’s argument that trial judge didn’t give weight to Plaintiff’s dodgy tax returns. the situation Jack[...]
Gratuitous Care and Assistance
Often following a serious accident a person is unable to return to their former household duties and chores due to[...]
What you MUST prove before you’ll be compensated for your injuries
Ashley Tulley Chief Commercial Officer If a person is injured because of another person’s negligence, they can bring a compensation[...]
5 ways to avoid the insurance run-around
Ashley Tulley Chief Commercial Officer Insurers and lawyers are predictable. We know that.  We are lawyers.  Without fail insurers and[...]
1 Injury Almost Everyone Forgets To Claim For
The mental consequences following accidents is often overlooked in compensation cases.  It's rarely spoken  about. Rarely reported in case studies.[...]
5 ways to avoid the insurance run-around
Ashley Tulley Chief Commercial Officer Insurers and lawyers are predictable. We know that.  We are lawyers.   Without fail insurers[...]
Two sources of video evidence to prove a ‘hit and run’ accident in Brisbane
If you have suffered in a hit and run accident – you might not have caught the registration details of[...]
Why Ignorance is Not Bliss
0 sharesLet me tell you about Bob….Bob is a 35 year old electrician living in Deception Bay, QLD with his[...]
Unborn child receives $118,200 after father is left for dead in hit and run
The Facts It’s a big part of our culture… And one we are all so familiar with. A Friday night[...]
Psychological Injuries Matter Too
To most people an injury is something you can see. But what about those that you can’t see? A psychological[...]
Our cars are safer than ever. So why does the road toll keep rising?
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What happens if you are injured while visiting a friend or family member at their home?
By Sarah Carlisle While you are a visitor at someone else’s home, the owner or occupier of the home owes[...]
Liability in light of the Dreamworld tragedy
By Lucy Kelsey Theme parks are supposed to be a place of fun, adventure, and excitement. However, as we have[...]
Update – Limitation Period lifted for Victims of Child Sexual Abuse in Queensland
By Sarah Carlisle On Friday 11 November 2016, the Limitation of Actions (Child Sexual Abuse) and Other Legislation Amendment Act[...]
Don’t be a statistic – stay safe on our roads
By Tine Ibraheem While we hate to put a damper on this joyful time of year, now, more than ever,[...]
Pedestrian Recovers Damages from an Unidentified Vehicle
By Tina Ibraheem In a District Court decision, in which the firm was involved in, namely McLean v Nominal Defendant,[...]
Bicycle Injury
It is an unfortunate reality of riding a bicycle that if you are involved in an accident with a motor[...]


Mansions Aren’t Made of Straw
Rowan was finally building his dream home. The dream home he had imagined for years. Years of sketching on books.[...]
Monster’s Don’t Get to Live Happily Ever After
Dexter had always known. He had always known what lay beneath the surface of his skin. There was, of course,[...]
Fear Can Hold You a Prisoner
Andy was an honest man. Straight as an arrow. Vice president of the bank. Husband. Inmate number 37927. Inmate number[...]
Be a Beauty in a World of Beasts
We’ve all been there. When somebody thinks we’ve done something we haven’t. Or when they think we’re somebody we’re not.[...]
Insurance is the Bread and Butter of Certainty
Naomi was sick of her phone.  Like really sick of it. It broke after two years. What crock! She wanted[...]
Dependency Claims
The death of a loved one is never easy. From paperwork to planning, between sadness and sorrow, we can all[...]
Compulsary Third Party Insurance Claims
We can all agree that insurance claims can be complicated. We’re here to make that easy.Did you know that any[...]
Time Limits – How long do you have to claim compensation?
Ashley TullyChief Commercial OfficerWe see it time and time again, people with legitimate compensation cases but they are past their[...]
Part 3: How much is my claim worth? – Medical Expenses
Ashley TulleyChief Commercial OfficerMedical Expenses are a crucial part of all claims for compensation. Why? Well apart from the obvious fact[...]
Part 4: How much is my claim worth? – Pain & Suffering
Ashley TulleyChief Commercial OfficerIt is a significant part of a compensation claim.Particularly for those who cannot claim wage losses.For stay[...]
Part 1: How much is my claim worth? – Future Economic Loss
Ashley TulleyCheif Commercial OfficerMost people have heard of personal injury claims but very few would understand what quantum is.…and they[...]
Email Series Part 4: How Much Is My Claim Worth? – Pain & Suffering
We are back again with the final part of our four-part series on quantum or how much is your claim[...]
Email Series Part 3: How Much Is My Claim Worth? – Medical Expenses
We are continuing our four-part series on discovering the areas that your can claim under.  Understanding these areas, will allow[...]
Email Series Part 2: How Much Is My Claim Worth? – Care Costs
How much is my claim worth? It's a big question. And one that is asked by every claimant we see. Unfortunately,[...]
Email Series Part 1: How much is my claim worth? – Future Economic Loss
As we discover through this four-part series, there are a number of areas under which you can determine what your[...]
Part 2: How much is my claim worth? – Care Costs
Ashley TulleyChief Commercial OfficerCare costs can be the single most significant component of a claim. Particularly when the injured party doesn’t[...]
How can you prove someone is telling the truth if no one is there to confirm their story?
A car driving on the wrong side of the road changed Gary’s life forever. Even though there wasn’t a collision,[...]
How long will my claim take?
0 sharesIf you have landed on this post, then it's safe to say you are trying to determine how long[...]
How to sack a lawyer in 6 steps
0 sharesLet me tell you about John.John is a 40 year old carpenter living in Chermside, QLD, building his dream[...]
How to Select a Compensation Lawyer
942 sharesIf you are looking for a lawyer to help you we have created a checklist that compares law firms - remember[...]
How to prove an accident happened when you have no memory of it
0 shares The Facts Ronald, an immigrant from Germany, lived in a first floor apartment in Dulwich Hill, Sydney. After[...]
What’s Involved In Bringing A Claim?
To begin the claim, it is necessary to lodge a claim form (in the approved form) on the CTP insurer[...]
Do Time Limits Apply To Claims?
Put simply yes, there are some strict time limits which apply to your claim. In an ordinary case, you are[...]
Should I Use a Lawyer?
Generally speaking, if you are injured in a car accident caused through the fault of another person then it will[...]
If I Engage A Lawyer, What Do I Have To Do?
If you engage a solicitor to act on your behalf, then your solicitor will take care of almost all of[...]
Do I Have A Claim?
By Mitch Herlihy. If you have suffered an injury (whether a physical or psychological injury) through the fault of another[...]
CTP V Comprehensive Car Insurance – What’s the Difference?
The distinction between Compulsory Third Party Insurance ("CTP Insurance") and Comprehensive Car Insurance is one which many people unfortunately do[...]
I’ve Had An Accident – What Do I Do?
  By Emily Billiau. Being involved in a motor vehicle collision can be very stressful and upsetting. Knowing what steps[...]
Missed Deadlines Could Mean Missed Compensation
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Who do you sue when you have no one to sue?
By Tina Ibraheem In Drzyzaga v Nominal Defendant [2012] QDC 323, the Plaintiff was injured after he was forced to swerve[...]

health and recovery tips

Whiplash, What A Pain In The Neck!
Whiplash is a complex injury that is often seen in clinics. But why is so complex? What exactly is it,[...]
How to eat your way to recovery – Part 2: Migration Stage
When you suffer an injury, your first thought might be to seek treatment from a doctor or physiotherapist. And while[...]
How To Foam Roll Your Neck
Watch this video to get a simple foam roller technique to trigger point your neck, to relieve neck  pain, fast!You[...]
From Tech Wreck to Strong Healthy Active in 6 Steps!
If you have a mobile phone, laptop or tablet and you get neck, upper back or lower back painchances are[...]
Is Chronic Pain Causing Obesity?
31 years of practicing physiotherapy. 31 years to observe the characteristics and implications of various issues. 31 years practicing for the[...]
3 Steps: How to get back to running after a baby!
I am sure that if you are a runner, or were a runner, and have recently had a baby you[...]
5 Office Exercises for Relieving Neck Pain
You wouldn’t go running, bench press or sit in a car for 8 hours continuously without a break or two[...]
Tips For Rehab After Knee Surgery From A Physio
Knee surgery. The concept can make even the strongest person cringe in sympathetic pain. We contacted Physiotherapist Martin Coote from[...]
1 Simple Exercise to relieve Neck Pain Now
If you have a neck injury which may have resulted from a motor vehicle accident, a fall or an injury[...]
Part 3: What to do at each stage of your recovery: The final phase
Whether you have rolled your ankle, broken a rib or torn a ligament, your body goes through the same painful[...]
Knee Pain? You Should See a Chiro
If you have ever suffered a knee injury, you would be well aware that it feels like your knee never[...]
Shoulder injury not getting better? Could it be the Rotator Cuff?
Have you injured your shoulder?Whether it is the result of a crash, accident or repetitive use strain, shoulder pain is[...]
7 Tips For Women on Staying Strong and Healthy at Any Age
It is essential these days to maintain strength and health. We are all living longer and what is the point[...]
3 Simple Techniques to Get to Sleep With a Whiplash Injury
For this month's contribution from Maximize Health Group, we decided to get some advice on how to get to sleep[...]
How assistive technology can help a young quadriplegic gain independence
Gaining independence after a life changing accident can often be the single hardest accomplishment someone makes. And it so happens[...]
Eat your way to recovery – Part 1: Inflammation Stage
We sat down with nutritionist, Kate Jeffries from Katalyst Nutrition to talk through how you can eat your way to[...]
Road to recovery: Top tips to get back on track after an accident
For this month's contribution from Maximize Health Group, we decided to get some advice on accident recovery. We have again[...]
Part 2: What to do at each stage of your recovery: The next 2 weeks
Whether you have rolled your ankle, broken a rib or torn a ligament, your body goes through the same painful[...]
Back Pain Myth Busting 3 – Stress doesn’t impact your recovery
Back pain is an extremely common complaint. We frequently hear of back pain and injuries from our clients, and have[...]
Top tips for bathroom modifications: Working with small bathrooms
Bathrooms are often the first area of a home that needs addressing when someone's mobility is affected. Think tight doorways,[...]
First in Best Kept! – Why Early Medical Intervention Produces Better Outcomes for People Involved in a Motor Vehicle Accident
Having a motor vehicle accident is a stressful time, let alone dealing with the legal proceedings that may follow. Even[...]
Dietitian vs. Nutritionist: What is the Difference?
Many people mistakenly use the terms ‘dietitian’ and ‘nutritionist’ interchangeably. Although these two professions are undoubtedly related, they maintain distinctive[...]
Back Pain Myth Busting 2: Severe pain means severe damage
Back pain is an extremely common complaint. We have often found it to be a difficult hurdle to overcome despite[...]
How a Chiropractor Assesses Back Pain
Back pain features heavily on our website because it is such a common complaint from our clients. However, when it comes[...]
Bathroom Accessibility Modifications: How old is too old?
Bathrooms are often the first area of a home that needs addressing when someone's mobility is affected. Think tight doorways,[...]
Part 1: What to do at each stage of your recovery: The first 3 days
Whether you have rolled your ankle, broken a rib or torn a ligament, your body goes through the same painful[...]
Back Pain Myth Busting 1 – Movement and exercise is bad
Back pain is an extremely common complaint. We frequently hear of back pain and injuries from our clients, and have[...]

car accident cases

Do You Know Which Act To Lodge Your Claim Under?
Taking our rubbish bins out to the kerb is a mundane job we’ve all had to do many times. You[...]
Exaggerating won’t get you far in Court
ASHLEY TULLEY CHIEF COMMERCIAL OFFICER Being in a motor vehicle accident can change a person’s entire life. Accident-related injuries can[...]
Rear-end collision – Why you might not be at-fault
Ashley Tulley Chief Commercial Officer, MCW Legal Tailgaters drive me mad.  Tailgaters are mad.  If they drive you mad too[...]
What to do when an insurer says you are ‘faking’ your injuries.
We see low ball tactics from insurer’s every day. One such tactic is suggesting that plaintiffs are exaggerating their injuries[...]
Should compensation be reduced for not wearing a seatbelt?
It's a requirement of law, but does wearing a seatbelt impact the amount of compensation given by the Courts? As[...]
Should your compensation be reduced if you get in a car with a drunk, even if you did not know?
Charles' Story. Let me introduce you to Charles Pallier. Charles was a 16-year-old boy, living in regional Tamworth, NSW.He was your typical[...]
How one man dodged an insurer’s low ball tactics and doubled his compensation
Introduction  Facing insurance companies can be a tough and confronting thing. Sadly, we often hear stories of injured people accepting[...]
Motorbike rider awarded $212,000 after colliding with horse
IntroductionAccidents happen on the road every day.  Accidents between motorbikes and horses are less common, however, that is precisely what[...]
Here’s to you, Mrs Robinson, for showing us how to prove liability eight years after an accident
Introduction Reliability of evidence is something we discuss at length in many case reviews because is so important in the success[...]
Female train driver successfully sues for half a million dollars after zebra crossing accident
Introd​​​​​uction In this post we will base our story* on a real case (RACQ Insurance Ltd v Brennan [2013] QCA[...]
McDonalds drive-thru accident results in $0 payout because of missing driver details
Introduction Accidents where you don't know the details of the driver who hit you are less common but by no[...]
Why pedestrians rightfully get their way
The Facts A 53 year old man, Glenn Swainson*, with a checkered work history had been down at a local[...]
When being drunk doesn’t matter
The FactsTerence Miles* was at the Robina Tavern on the Gold Coast for a birthday party with friends. Just before[...]
Pedestrian awarded $1.6 million after being hit by motorcycle
0 shares Have you ever been walking across a street when a vehicle has come out of nowhere? Have you[...]
Stay at home mum receives $185,000 in compensation
The StoryAnna* was a stay-at-home mum caring for her young children. On a sunny weekend morning, Anna and her best[...]
Two Sources of Video Evidence to Prove a Hit and Run Occurred
0 sharesIf you have been involved in a hit and run crash, evidence to prove what actually occurred, who the[...]
Man receives compensation after suffering injuries while a passenger on a bus
The FactsDaniel Crowley was holidaying on Fraser Island in mid-2000.On 9 August, Daniel was travelling on a bus heading off[...]
Taken no time off work? Minor accident pays $70,000.
0 sharesFacts (Whitney v Whiteway & Anor [2006] QDC 163)On 4 April 2004, Ms Whitney was leaving Carindale Shopping Centre,[...]
Pedestrian hit by mini bus sues for $266,000
Let me tell you about Ysaiah Ross. On 30 May 2008 at 2.30 pm, Dr Ysaiah Ross stepped off the[...]
Pedestrian’s mother awarded damages after son ignores red pedestrian light and runs across road in front of oncoming traffic
The FactsOn 6 October 2008, a taxi driver was driving down Market Street, Sydney. As he approached the intersection with[...]
Don’t be afraid to tell your Doctor everything – it pays!
0 sharesYou would be forgiven for thinking that if you were sitting, stationary in your car and waiting to turn[...]
Car accident forces man to live in a tent – $1.2 million award
By Lucy Kelsey In Martin v Andrews & Anor [2016] QSC 20, the Plaintiff was rear-ended at speed and shunted[...]

cycle accident cases

Is a cyclist colliding with a closed boom gate an obvious risk thus not compensable?
By Tina Ibraheem In Simmons v Rockdale City Council the Defendant (Rockdale City Council) argued that an injured cyclist should not be[...]
Bicycle Injury
It is an unfortunate reality of riding a bicycle that if you are involved in an accident with a motor[...]

boat accident cases

Man vs machine: Snorkeler run over by boat uses GPS to prove his case
Ashley tulley chief commercial officer It is imperative that injured parties source credible and impartial evidence to confirm their story.[...]
Charter Boat, What Charter Boat?
She was a 22 year old with the world at her feet. He was meant to be in control as[...]
$465,000 awarded to dinghy accident victim
Picture this - you and your mate decide to go a day of fishing at the Gold Coast. After a[...]
Young man’s foot cut off in jet ski accident receives $800,000
The FactsBeing young and care free sometimes has its consequences, as a young 18 year old found out in this[...]
Woman receives $230,000.00 after suffering life threatening injuries in a boat crash
0 sharesFactsCampbell v Woollard [2012] WADC 48 On 17 November 2007, Kate Campbell and some friends decided celebrate the end[...]
How one simple mistake cost Jess half her compensation
It’s a favourite Australian past time for many, cruising our abundant waterways to marvel at the Australian landscape and wildlife.[...]

slip and fall accident cases

Coles to pay $300,000 to woman after supermarket slip
Introduction In all of our articles, we are constantly reminding our readers that evidence is king in court. Such evidence[...]
Lady receives $650,000 after falling at someone’s house causing a severe arm injury
Introduction  Slips, trips and falls are common accidents around the house. As we will uncover in this case (Chandler v[...]
Man trips grabbing fish and chips and gets $360k
Introduction From a very early age, we are all told, “watch where you are going” by family, teachers, people we[...]
Woman slips on a greasy chip and is awarded $580,000
0 shares The Facts Imagine going to a supermarket with a friend and your daughter to do your shopping when[...]
Inexperienced tenpin bowler sues Alley for $156,000
The Facts The lights dimmed, the games began, and Susan stepped up to take her turn. Susan was out with[...]
Child Rendered Tetraplegic After Diving into Hotel Swimming Pool – Hotel Found Liable
by Emily Billiau Following a 3 day trial in the Supreme Court of Queensland, Gympie Motel has been found liable[...]
Slip and fall incidents
By Tine Ibraheem Unfortunately, every year many thousands of people are injured after slipping and falling in public places (such[...]