Jen was driving along the highway one day.

Jen was driving along the highway when suddenly, her fuel light turned on.

That painstaking, little red piece of piffle. Lit up. Demanding attention. Bane of her existence. Bane of everyone’s existence.

She, like everyone, ignored it. Pushed the pedal down a little harder. Turned the music up a little louder. And hummed away ignoring the dash.

Jen kept driving.

For kilometres, and kilometres. And kilometres. And. Kilometres.

On the 76th kilometre, her car slowed.

And slowed.

Aaaaaand stopped.

She was stuck in Weengallon, just outside her destination of St George.

She thought she could make it.

She was wrong.

Jen's decision was a costly mistake. 

3 hours later and a tow truck arrived. The next petrol station was in St George.

That was another 66.3 kilometres. That was over $558. $558 Jen didn’t have.

And it all could’ve been avoided by seeking the help she needed. A petrol station!

But she chose the hard route, as many of us do.

As Jack did as well. 

Jack had a loose fan belt. Like Jen, like most of us, he tried to ignore it.

It squealed. It shrieked. The engine wasn’t happy.

But Jack was! He had not a worry in the world. Not a worry until his car broke that is.

On the side of a highway…

The Bruce Highway…

Halfway to Rockhampton.

In dire need of a mobile mechanic, he coughed and sputtered when he found one from Bundaberg… starting at $449.

All he needed to do was head to a mechanic. They would’ve solved all of his problems! And for under $180.

Jack instantly realised he had left it too late.

They say good things take time, but this definitely wasn’t the case.

Jen and Jack both lost out because they waited too long.

They had control of their car’s health and neglected it. They had control of their options after the fuel light turn on, after the engine shrieked, and ignored it. And once it was too late, they lost all control.

Both found themselves down the gurgler short hundreds of dollars.

And hundreds of dollars isn’t where it stops.

As Luke found out, after he had a crash near Cunnamulla.

Bit of whiplash. A jarred elbow. Nothing too bad. He headed to the Doctor and got some pain killers, a couple of plasters, and a heat pack.

He had it all under control.

Bit of whiplash. A jarred elbow. Nothing too bad.

Or so he thought.

Fast forward 4 years years.

Jamie, Luke’s daughter, came running and jumping into his arms.

He grabbed her and  lifted her into the air. But she didn’t make it far.

His back gave way, snapping, forcing him to put Jamie down instantly.

The pain didn’t waiver. Not 5 minutes later. Not 5 hours later.

He went to his doctor to get the pain under control. But quickly realised his medical bills were about to spiral out of control.

Pain killers. Anti-inflammatories. Physiotherapy. Remedial massage. 

The Doctor identified the pain as injury to his spine’s facet joints. 

The injury to his facet joints had also been the cause of his headaches.

And all of this was accredited to his whiplash just 4 years ago.

Luke was feeling the pain when he heard it was too late for an insurance claim.

‘It was just a mere whiplash,’ he had thought.

‘It’s just a fuel light,’ Jen had thought.

‘It’s just an engine sound,’ Jack had thought.

But they were all wrong. Particularly Luke.  

He was administered spinal manipulative therapy to reverse the issue. Facet injections and heavy painkillers to reduce the pain.

He was to return to his GP regularly for checks and had to see two specialists for therapy.

And those specialists weren’t cheap.

Luke reached out to third party funding only to discover he had missed the deadline.

He now had no control over his back pain, his headaches, or his finances.

And worst of all, he couldn’t do what he wanted to do most. Lift Jamie into the air without a worry in the world.

Just like all Jen wanted to do was make it to St George. And all Jack wanted to do was make it to Rockhampton.

They all had control of the outcome but avoided it. Avoided it for so long until it was too late.

If you want to take control of your outcome before it’s too late, keep reading below.