We’ve all been there.

When somebody thinks we’ve done something we haven’t.

Or when they think we’re somebody we’re not.

Much like Prince Adam. The Beast.

A fine, young prince. Transformed into an ugly beast for his simple minded judgments. Punished for only seeing the outward appearance on the outside and not within.

He became what he once hated, and he was definitely less than desirable. Everyone would run from him. Be terrified. Turn their noses up.

They judged him for what he appeared to be. Not what he actually was.

They thought he was something he was not.

Except for one young lady. Beauty.

Beauty gave him a chance. Even though she said he was ugly. She thought he was terrifying. She was intimidated and unsure.

She stayed in a castle with him. And while he looked as terrible as the rest of the beasts. While he looked uglier than most, actually. While he looked just as terrifying as the rest. She was certain of one thing: he was a good one.

He treated her with care. Showered her with breakfast, a bed, and roses. Put her on a pedestal.

No matter what people thought he was, she knew he was a good beast.

What was on the surface didn’t matter.

It didn’t take long for Beauty to see the good in Beast’s heart.

She realised his intentions were pure. He was not fooling her. He was not tricking her.

Deciding she wanted to marry him. She wrapped her arms around him in a hug and closed her eyes.

But when she opened her eyes, the Beast had disappeared.

What stood before her was a fine young man. Well dressed, with dark brunette hair and eyes even darker than that. They twinkled.

Upon asking where the Beast was, he uncovered it was him.

Prince Adam revealed the curse. He was the Beast.

It didn’t matter what he was seen as. He remained the same, pure-hearted gentleman Beauty had gotten to know.

It was what was on the inside that mattered. Not the outside.

When his appearance was uncovered, the women of the town were disappointed.

All this time they had assumed he was as terrible as the other beasts. As greedy as the other beasts. As predatory as the other beasts.

Their assumptions and stereotypes cost them royalty, fortune, and a happily ever after.

And Beauty, who ignored what everyone else said, was the real winner. She got more than she had ever imagined in her happily ever after.

Of course, Beast was too. Someone had finally seen past the curse and trusted his goodwill. His pure intentions.

Pure intentions like that of a car salesmen.

NO, not the one trying to sell a beat up ’94 Falcon with rust on the engine as ‘the best car money could buy.’

The one selling the 1.25L demo-model Barina Spark to the 16 year old buying her first car. Low fuel cost. Low parts cost. Low repair costs for any first car bumps and scratches.

Or the one calling all other dealerships to find someone the best model possible, not just what they have left to sell.

The one selling the best ANCAP safety rated car to an expecting couple.

Sure, they are all there to make money.

BUT not all are there to rob people of their money.

Some are Prince Adams, cursed by stereotypes and perceived as beasts. Some are still pure-hearted.

And some, most, really are just beasts.

But it’s those who make informed judgments, who do their research and pick the Prince Adam of car salesmen that win. The Beauty’s of the world.

It’s those who make informed judgments, who do their research and pick the Prince Adam of car salesmen that win. The Beauty’s of the world.

The Beauty’s that had no idea what an ANCAP safety rating even was. Or what an RACQ vehicle inspection is. Or that 14L/100km is an oil guzzler.

The Beauty’s that fight the negative publicity, the stigma, and fight past the curse to find the right salesmen.

The Beauty’s that end up with a Hyundai Santa Fe when they entered for a Mitsubishi Outlander. All for the same price.

The Beauty’s that have total control over their car and money, not even needing to finance.

If you want total control over your money, continue reading.