Everyone wants to live the Australian dream but sometimes dreams get hijacked when you suffer an accident through no fault of your own.  You are unsure of whether of you have a claim. You don't want to miss out, but you don't want to waste your time either.  MCW Legal understands and on this FREE CASE REVIEW we will give you certainty about your claim because everybody deserves to know where they stand. Since 1975 we have had  3000+ people call us with their claim questions. We make sure they finish the phone call with answers that provide certainty and hope.


Step One - Assess

Pick up the phone and give us a call to get started. During this listening session we gather information in relation to whether we think the claim will succeed.

Step Two - Plan 

We let you know how we simplify the claims process so that you can avoid all of the hassles involved in lodging a claim.  You will get an estimate of how long your claim will take.

Step Three - Cost

We give an estimate to the amount of compensation we think you will get.  We also give an estimate of your investment to have us involved.

Step Four - Execute

We take instructions from you and begin to gather evidence to execute our strategy.

Free Resources to Boost Your Claim confidence

Faster Understanding

You get access to dozens of free resources and plans to help you understand the litigation process and the law of negligence.

Tested Legal Experts

You will have direct access to qualified lawyers who have cumulatively worked on over 3000+ claims since 1975.  

Real Case Studies

You can learn from a case study BLOG that has over 100,000 readers a month. 

 What you don't know can hurt you...

If you don't get access to the right information...

...you might miss out

You miss strict time limitations which means >>>

>>> you  miss out altogether on compensation

You rush in and get the wrong kinds of experts and witnesses which means >>>

>>> you end up with  evidence that works against you, not for you

You don't collect the right amount of the right kind of financial evidence which means >>>

>>> you have to accept a smaller amount of compensation than what you may have been entitled to

You get crushed in the settlement negotiations by the insurer's barristers, solicitors and claims executives which means >>>

>>> you shatter your one chance of reaching a strong settlement

What's my investment?

There is no cost for the iClaim Case Review. If you decide to commence a claim we can discuss our 'solicitor's cost agreement' with you at length on the phone. Most importantly we can tell you  how we can offset our fees by recovering a wide array of costs from the insurer.  Your legal fees will be paid out of the successful claim settlement at the end of the matter so you are never left out of pocket.

Do you know how much your claim could be worth?

Register for our library of free compensation resources and get access to the 'Quantum Worksheet' .  It will show you how to get a figure for your compensations by following five simple steps.

How do you stop a lawyer from overcharging?

Register for our library of free compensation resources and get access to  'A Guide to Reducing Legal Fees' .  It will show you how to look through a solicitor's cost agreement and identify the clauses that can cost you a fortune...before you sign anything.

Ever wondered how long a claim will take?

Register for our library of free compensation resources and get access to this 'Claim Time Estimator'.  Simply plug your own data into it.  You will get a good idea of how long you might have to wait for your claim to settle.