Terry McCormick
Terry McCormickPrincipal
Terry McCormick has a reputation as one of Queensland’s leading transport insurance litigation lawyers. he is an accredited personal injury lawyer. He works closely with clients to ensure the objectives for claims management and resolution are met. He delivers advice that is balanced, equitable and responsive to ensure the Insurer is a model litigant.
David Davies
David DaviesSpecial Counsel
David has practiced in compensation law for in excess of 25 years and is a Qld Law Society accredited personal injury lawyer. He is also recognized by the independent Doyles Guide as a leading lawyer in Compensation Law.
Chris McMahon
Chris McMahonSpecial Counsel
Chris has been practicing as a solicitor in Queensland since 1992 and specialises in a wide variety of claims. His wealth of experience allows him to deal with all clients and claims in a confident and reassuring manner. He is an accredited personal injury lawyer.
Sarah Carlisle
Sarah CarlisleSenior Associate
Sarah has practiced exclusively in compensation law since her admission to the profession in 2011. Sarah’s extensive knowledge of all aspects of compensation law together with her commercial understanding and approach to claims ensures that her clients receive the highest calibre of advice and advocacy. She is an accredited personal injury lawyer.
Emily Billiau
Emily BilliauPrincipal
Emily is an Associate within the firm’s Personal Services team. She has extensive experience in insurance litigation and dispute resolution for Claimants. Emily has a keen interest in cycling related issues and claims and is heavily involved in the firm’s CycleLaw division.
Chandelle Whitney
Chandelle WhitneySolicitor
Since completing senior schooling in 1990, Chandelle has worked in law firms specialising in compensation law. As a result, she discovered great job satisfaction in helping others receive compensation for set-backs they sustained through no fault of their own.
Mitchell Herlihy
Mitchell HerlihySolicitor
Mitchell has worked on many types of compensation claims ranging from simple to complex ones. These claims include death claims, where people have lost a loved one through the fault of another. The most common claims have been QLD and NSW CTP claims involving almost all vehicles used on the road.
Lucy Kelsey
Lucy KelseySolicitor
Lucy has dedicated herself to compensation law since her admission to the profession in 2014, and is driven by the desire to achieve just and fair outcomes for her clients. Lucy’s dedication and hard-working attitude enables her to provide guidance and advice to aggrieved parties so they can focus on what’s most important: their recovery.
Claire McHardy
Claire McHardySolicitor
Since graduating from her law degree with Honours in 2015, Claire has had a passion for helping people. Claire’s professional and enthusiastic attitude, together with her organised and comprehensive approach, takes the burden off her clients so that they can concentrate on their recovery whilst she provides trusted advice, guidance and advocacy.

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