Compensation Case Studies:

How Ordinary People Deal With Difficult Insurance Claims

Why pedestrians rightfully get their way
0 sharesShare0Share +10Tweet0The FactsA 53 year old man, Glenn Swainson, with a checkered work history had been down at a[...]
When being drunk doesn’t matter
0 sharesShare0Share +10Tweet0The FactsTerence Miles was at the Robina Tavern on the Gold Coast for a birthday party with friends.[...]
Young man’s foot cut off in jet ski accident receives $800,000
11 sharesShare11Share +10Tweet0The FactsBeing young and care free sometimes has its consequences, as a young 18 year old found out[...]
Woman slips on a greasy chip and is awarded $580,000
13 sharesShare13Share +10Tweet0The FactsImagine going to a supermarket with a friend and your daughter to do your shopping when you[...]
Pedestrian awarded $1.6 million after being hit by motorcycle
39 sharesShare39Share +10Tweet0Have you ever been walking across a street when a vehicle has come out of nowhere?Have you ever[...]
Woman receives $230,000.00 after suffering life threatening injuries in a boat crash
36 sharesShare36Share +10Tweet0FactsCampbell v Woollard [2012] WADC 48On 17 November 2007, Kate Campbell and some friends decided celebrate the end[...]
How one simple mistake cost Jess half her compensation
877 sharesShare877Share +10Tweet0It’s a favourite Australian past time for many, cruising our abundant waterways to marvel at the Australian landscape[...]
Stay at home mum receives $185,000 in compensation
46 sharesShare46Share +10Tweet0FactsAnita was a stay-at-home mum caring for her young children. On a sunny weekend morning, Anita and her[...]
Man receives compensation after suffering injuries while a passenger on a bus
38 sharesShare38Share +10Tweet0Facts (Crowley v Suncorp Metway Insurance Limited [2004] QSC 279) Daniel Crowley was holidaying on Fraser Island in mid[...]
Taken no time off work? Minor accident pays $70,000.
32 sharesShare32Share +10Tweet0Facts (Whitney v Whiteway & Anor [2006] QDC 163)On 4 April 2004, Ms Whitney was leaving Carindale Shopping[...]

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