Suppose all of these five things happen when you choose a law firm...

The lawyers are totally experienced, the ‘no win no fee’ promise is kept, you retain complete control of your own case, your lawyer never loses your personal information, or the  lawyer sees themselves as the servant in the master/servant relationship.  The upshot of any one of these things happening is this: Your outcome will be great.  Your time won’t be wasted. You will have the backing of a firm that has the systems, the resources or the communication skills to maximise your claim.

Learn How to Avoid Getting Stuck With An Inexperienced Lawyer.


“…their lawyers were inexperienced….”

Inexperience can be very costly.  For a lawyer to be a superb performer they must have a thorough understanding of the legislation and a thorough understanding of their workflow system.

Learn How to Avoid Being Confused With How Lawyers Charge.


“…I felt betrayed when they broke their ‘no win – no fee’ promise…”

The majority of complaints about lawyers would be about their fees.  In our experience it is not about the amount of the fees; it is the lack of communication about a progressive fee tally during the progress of your matter.

Learn How to Avoid Being Ignored By Your Lawyer During Your Case.


“…I didn’t know what was going on in my case and I felt abandoned…”

Clients need to know what is going on.  They should never be ignored.  “Claim Path”  is a purpose built client communication system that links our office workflow system, “Claim Track”, to your internet enabled device.

Learn How to Avoid Being Stuck With A Careless Lawyer Who Makes Silly Mistakes


“…they kept losing things I had sent them…”

Claims need to run on track and on time. Deviations and delays are costly.  Human error is unavoidable but should be eliminated as much as possible.  A purpose built workflow system acts as a  sentry, a drill sergeant, a postman and a detective.

Learn How to Avoid Being Trapped With A Lawyer Who Treats You Like A Fool


“…my lawyer treated me like a fool and I felt trapped….”

We have a client care philosophy that is simple.  “The client is the master.  The lawyer is the  servant”.  The Legal Service Profession is full of professional servants.  The best ones accept their vocational responsibilities.   They serve their masters, their clients.

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